30 Relatives Missing, Malek Sits Looking for Relatives in Front of Turkey’s Ruins

After the terrible earthquake, Syria is like a crematorium. The mourning of the bereaved all around. Some continue to search for their loved ones by removing the rubble. One of them is Malek Ibrahim. While he and his family survived the earthquake, 30 relatives went missing. He fears that the missing relatives have died. Still, Syrian residents are looking for a way to rescue their loved ones alive from the rubble.

Turkey Earthquake : Julie-Romeo-Honey-Bamboo on the Turkish side, 4 Indian rescuers in rescue work by removing debris
In addition to last Monday’s Turkey, the terrible earthquake has also affected Syria. The cities of Besnayat and Idlib were the most affected by the tremors. All around is rubble. The death toll rose by leaps and bounds as rescue teams cleared the rubble. A total of 30 relatives, including Ibrahim’s cousin, were trapped in the rubble after the earthquake in Besnaya.

Although the bodies of 10 family members have already been recovered by removing the debris, the rescue team is still searching for the rest. Although the death of all the others is feared, Ibrahim’s heart refuses to obey. A 40-year-old Syrian resident has been standing in the rubble of Besnayat for the past two days. He was seen breaking down in tears while retrieving the dead bodies of his relatives. Not just Ibrahim. Many people are looking for relatives trapped in the rubble. Some were seen approaching the wreckage calling out the names of their loved ones. They don’t know if they will ever hear the calls of their loved ones again.

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