177 days in space, this time the moon is won by the ‘Indian’ king?

Indian American astronaut Raja Chari is going to step on the moon? It is known that US President Joe Biden has nominated him for the ‘Moon Mission Team’. The announcement was made on Tuesday. However, Raja Chari’s space journey is set to be sealed only after getting the approval of the Senate and the Army. It is known that he will be able to participate in this lunar mission after being appointed as Air Force Brigadier General. Note that the US Air Force is rank-equivalent to the Army, where brigadiers are considered one-star generals.

Who is this King Chari?

He had previously spent six consecutive months on Earth. He was with other astronauts and scientists on the International Space Station. Other scientists who spent time on the space station with him were Kyla Barron, Tom Marshburn and Matthias Muir. This star has spent 177 days in space in the past.

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Chari’s India-Yoga…
He was born in Hyderabad King Chari. But, then his father went to America. He was an engineer by profession. He attended Columbus High School. He then joined the US Air Force Academy. There he obtained a degree in aerospace engineering. He then earned a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He served as director of the F35 Integrated Test Force. He served as an Air Force test pilot before joining NASA.

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