12.13 crore of lottery wife secret, Ex exposed to buy flat, youth in crisis

Chinese youth Zhou won 10 million yuan or 12.13 crore rupees in the lottery. But he kept this news completely hidden from his wife. Now summon the poem. The wife has filed a divorce case in court. Zhou was ordered to pay several hundred thousand yuan in damages to his wife.

Zhou won the lottery two years ago. He received 8.43 million yuan or 10.22 crores in Indian currency from the 10 million yuan prize after tax. He kept this news completely secret from his wife Lee.

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After being transferred to Zhou’s bank account, 2 million yuan or 2.42 crores in Indian currency was given to his elder sister. A few days later, he withdrew 700,000 yuan or 84.93 lakh rupees from the account, saying he would buy a new flat for his ex-wife.

After that his success was leaked to his wife. Wife Lee could not tolerate this secret of her husband. She filed a divorce case directly in the court. He claimed that this time Zhou should pay 2.7 million yuan. The court found his claim to be valid. Because according to the court, the money received in the lottery is the joint property of Zhou and Li.

This property crisis is viral on Chinese social media.

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