10 Crore Drugs Recovered In Kolkata, Phased Raids, Who Is Involved In This Cycle?

10 Crore Drugs Recovered In Kolkata: This time, the veil of large-scale drug trafficking. The customs department recovered drugs worth more than 10 crore rupees from Kolkata and adjoining areas. The customs department was informed that drugs were being stocked in the city of Kolkata. After that, an operation was carried out in the Tegharia area. Around 995 grams of heroin were seized at that time. A trafficker was also arrested in this incident. The customs department again raided with the smuggler.

10 Crore Drugs Recovered In Kolkata

10 Crore Drugs Recovered In Kolkata

Then the expedition to Khidirpur. Another 1,627 grams of heroin were seized during raids there. According to sources, the total value of that drug is around 10 crore 4 lakh rupees. But where did these 10 million drugs come from? Is anyone else involved in this trafficking ring? Customs officials are asking about it.

Two people have already been arrested in this incident. Further inquiries are being made from them regarding this trafficking ring. And the department wants to find information about who is connected with this gang, where these drugs were sent, and where this huge amount of drugs came from. However, many questions naturally arise around the incident of drug recovery worth crores of rupees from two places in Kolkata city.

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