1 liter of milk is 210 Pak rupees, 1 kg of chicken is 780 Pak rupees.

Islamabad: In the last five decades, Pakistan has been affected by rising commodity prices and food crisis. The signs of relief from this situation that has been going on for the past few months are virtually elusive for now. All over debt-ridden Pakistan is the common man’s wailing. This is the first time in the last 48 years that such a terrible food crisis and price hike have occurred in Pakistan.

Essential products such as baby food milk have not been spared from the price increase. According to Pakistani media, the price of a packet of retail milk in that country has gone up from 190 Pak rupees to 210 Pak rupees per liter. The price of broiler chicken is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Its price is increasing by an average of 30 to 40 Pak rupees every week. Currently, the price of 1 kg of broiler chicken in that country is 480 to 500 taka.

Besides, boneless chicken has also gone beyond the reach of common man. A packet of boneless chicken is being sold for Rs 1,000 to 1,110. The price of normal chicken except broiler and boneless is running at Tk 650 to Tk 780 per kg. The representatives of the dairy and poultry industries cleared this situation. The representative of the dairy industry alleged that the price of milk has skyrocketed due to the manipulation of a class of dishonest wholesale traders. The representative claims that they are not members of their organization.

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On the other hand, General Secretary of Sindh Poultry Wholesalers Association Kamal Akhtar told the Pakistani media that the price of chicken is falling to 600 Pakistani rupees per kg before meat is sold. At the time of sale, the price of meat reaches 650 to 700 taka.

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In this situation across the country, Pakistan’s rich people are not affected, but the middle class, the lower class and the poor are suffering. Common people are waiting to get the way of liberation.

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