Zelensky murder mercenaries! Russia is burning in the fire of revenge?

Is Russia planning to kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky? Drone attack or secret assassin shot? How will Moscow respond? Speculation has started about this.

Two days ago, Russian forces destroyed a drone over the Kremlin. Moscow claims that Ukraine sent the drone to kill President Vladimir Putin. According to sources, the Russian spies started planning to take revenge after that incident.
It should be noted that Moscow claimed that there was an attempt to assassinate President Putin last year. Secret assassins detonated a car in the presidential convoy. Although the vehicle was slightly damaged, no one was killed. Moreover, President Putin was not in that car.

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Defense experts claim that President Putin may blame the Wagner Group for killing Zelensky. Wagner’s group is basically his mercenary group. Experts claim that the pace of war has changed a lot since these forces were sent to Ukraine.

In February of this year, however, President Putin was directly questioned about this. The then Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Russia at that time. He questioned whether Zelensky will be killed during the meeting with the Russian President.

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In response, President Putin assured that Zelensky would not be killed. After that, a lot of water flowed through the Volga. According to sources, the president changed his mind after the drone attack on the Kremlin palace. It is known that he will discuss with Russian spies about the blue plan to kill Zelensky this week.

Also, Russia has launched an investigation into who is behind the drone attack on the Kremlin. Some US defense experts claim the pair of drones were flown from within Moscow. In other words, secret assassins plotting to kill Putin are hidden in the capital. However, there is a question about whether they are Ukrainian.

Incidentally, the Ukrainian Air Force recently destroyed two drones a short distance from President Zelensky’s residence. After that, news spread that the drone was sent to kill him.

Vladimir Putin Assassination Attempt: Deadly attack on Putin, Russian army destroys two drones sent by Ukraine
However, the Ukrainian army revealed the matter. Kiev claims the drones are theirs. The drones have been forced to be destroyed after flying in the sky as they lose control. The statement was made by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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