Yummy … just lick the heart is happy! Ever tried the most expensive ice cream in the world?

Who does not love to eat ice cream? Different flavors of ice cream are sold all over the world. From vanilla, chocolate, two-in-one to saffron pasta — the flavors of this dessert are endless.

But if the price of this ice cream rises more than lakhs of rupees! Although it may sound strange, a Japanese company has made such ice cream and put it on the shelves. They are also named in the Guinness World Records.

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The ice cream made by the Japanese company Cellato is named Byakuya. Its price in Japanese yen has increased to 8 lakh 73 thousand 400 taka. In Indian currency that is more than five and a half lakh rupees.

Why is this Japanese ice cream so expensive? According to the makers, the cost of the materials used to make Byakuya is very high. White truffle is an essential ingredient in this ice cream. which is found in the Alba region of Italy.

Incidentally, one kilogram of white truffle costs 2 million Japanese yen. In Indian currency which is about 12 lakh rupees.

Byakuya ice cream also uses Parmigiano Reggiano and an ingredient called Lee. Japan has to import them from abroad to make the dessert food.

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Recently, the Japanese Byakuya has been awarded the title of the world’s most expensive ice cream by Guinness World Records. “The cheese spread ice cream on display made everyone’s mouths water.” The organization wrote on Twitter.

On the other hand, the construction company said that it took about one and a half years to make this ice cream. There were several trials for its taste test at the exhibition. The organization has claimed that the world will remember this ice cream.

“A restaurant authority in Osaka was approached to make this ice cream. The chefs there also give several suggestions. The ice cream is made with everything in mind.” A representative of the ice cream manufacturing company said.

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In addition, a new problem has arisen in Japan over the past two years due to the spread of Covid. According to the survey, there has been a behavioral change among the citizens of the South China Sea country. A large part of the people of this country have forgotten to smile.

Several non-governmental organizations have started workshops across Japan to address this problem. It is said that everyone is trying to laugh there. Japan made the world’s most expensive ice cream in this climate.

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