You are diving into the pool water while warming up, have you thought about eye protection?

In the heat of the day, absolutely dead! In this situation, a single rain can save lives! But if you want to get more rain? People are waiting like crazy. Even if it doesn’t rain, at least it’s a little peace if you can get down in the swimming pool and get wet. But even if you take a dip in the pool and get a momentary relief, its results can be felt later. Because pool water causes the most damage to our eyes. In fact, these days the market is flooded with trendy swimwear or beachwear, but we never think about what to do to protect our eyes. So there are some steps to follow to protect your eyes while swimming or getting into the pool. This is what Tiruchirappalli Maxvision Superspeciality Eye Hospital Regional Medical Director MS, DO, DNB, FRCS (UK) Dr. Shibu Varke.

Social Awareness:

If you have any type of viral infection including cold, cough, eye infection, you should not enter the pool. In fact, it increases the chances of spreading viral infections. If not cleaned properly, overused pools can lead to problems like conjunctivitis. Besides, bad habits like blowing nose, spitting or urinating in the pool should be avoided.

Swimming Gear:

Swimming goggles should fit tightly over the eyes. And clearly seen. It can save the eyes from swimming pool conjunctivitis. Also, the eyes can be protected from the chlorine in the pool water. Excess chlorine in pool water prevents pool-borne infections. In fact, the eyes become red and irritated from this infection. In addition, the vision of the eyes may also become blurred.

Prescription Sunglasses:

Those who want to get into the pool without wearing contact lenses can use prescription sunglasses.

Contact lenses are not:

People who use contact lenses should never put them in the pool afterwards. A rare infection called acanthamoeba keratitis can occur if the lenses are put in water. In fact, if the pool water is not cleaned properly, this amoeba remains in it. which comes into contact with contact lenses. This causes the cornea to become infected.

Eye Lubrication:

Staying in the pool for a long time can cause itchy or irritated eyes. It can be caused by allergies to chlorine, or dry eyes. Any type of OTC eye lubricating drop can be safely applied to get rid of it. It can even be used without a doctor’s prescription to relieve itching.


Don’t neglect if you get into the pool and have eye problems. Immediately go to specialist doctors. Actions should be taken according to their advice.

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