Yeh Meri Family 2 Review: Juhi Parmar Is Simply Perfect But 9-Year-Old Anngad Maaholay Steals Show

We all complain about being busy all the time. However, in our hectic schedules we often tend to forget to enjoy the little joys of life. We forget that work, problems, social issues and everything else is a part of life and not life itself. We take our families and our own people for granted. And therefore, Yeh Meri Family is a reminder to live life to its fullest and to enjoy each and every moment.

Now streaming on Amazon Mini TV, Yeh Meri Family stars Juhi Parmar, Rajesh Kumar, Hetal Gada, Veena Mehta and child artist Anngad Maaholay. The show revolves around a middle-class family and depicts their daily struggles. It makes you revisit your childhood days. You feel nostalgic when you hear, ‘rough notebook’, ‘Parents-Teacher meeting’, ‘Ludo’ and ‘radio transistors’.

Furthermore, the way relationships are depicted and explored in Yeh Meri Family 2 makes it a perfect watch. From mother-daughter to granddaughter-grandmother’s bond, each relationship is beautifully presented in the show. The perfection lies in their imperfection.

Juhi Parmar makes her OTT debut with Yeh Meri Family 2 and her performance only makes us wonder, ‘Why was she away from the screen for such a long time?’ She plays the role of a mother who is also a school teacher. She depicts how a working woman balances it all – household work, children, husband and profession – with utmost ease. Her character has several layers. She is not only strict as a mother but also emotional, vulnerable, strong hearted and a motivation for her kids. Juhi depicts all of these emotions on screen with so much ease and perfection.

Rajesh Kumar is not given less screen time but surely less dialogues. He mainly acts as a support to Juhi and is only seen in the background. Don’t know if it is a conscious decision on the part of makers to depict the different personalities that a couple may have, but Kumar surely needed more dialogues.

Young actress Hetal Gada plays the role of Juhi and Rajesh’s on-screen daughter. Viewers are presented story through Hetal’s lens. On the other hand, Veena Mehta plays the role of her grandmother. Both these actors have done their job fairly well.

However, one person who is a delight to watch is Anngad Maaholay. The 9-year-old child artist is the most adorable. The way his character is written and the way with which he puts it forth on-screen is highly commendable. His confidence and style surpasses all other cast members including Juhi Parmar and Rajesh Kumar. Each time he joins a scene, he brings a smile on your face. The ease with which he has done his role is worth appreciating. I’ll give this show an extra half star just for Anngad Maaholay’s outstanding performance.

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