Woman booked for demanding 10 lakhs rupees against false rape allegation

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: A young woman framed a young man in a false rape case for money. 10 lakhs demanded to withdraw the case. Finally, the screenplay of the entire screenplay was released. Police have arrested the accused young woman. This sensational incident happened in Gurgaon. At first, the young man fell into trouble in this incident. Finally, the young man recorded the conversation with the young woman on his phone. The audio record was released. And that’s where the young woman’s mischief was revealed.

The young woman came to the police station of Sector 40 in Gurgaon and filed a false rape complaint against the man. The police said about the incident, on April 13, A000 of South City 1, the young woman went to the police the next day and complained that the young man found her alone in the hotel room and raped her.

After that, the young man filed a complaint with the police. The complainant claims that the rape allegations against him are false. And the young woman is asking for 10 lakh rupees from him to withdraw that false complaint. After receiving two complaints from two people, the police also suspected. The police then gave the young man a mobile phone and asked him to record his conversation with the young woman.

The police said that the real incident became clear only in the call recording. It comes out that the allegations of rape are completely false. The young woman was actually trying to extort money from the young man. Then the young man filed a written complaint against the young woman. The police arrested the young woman based on the complaint. A case has been registered against the woman under Section 389 of the Indian Penal Code (extorting money by intimidation).

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