Within a few hours of the abduction, a 6-month-old child was rescued by the US police

The US police made a big success in the case of 6-month-old child abduction. The miscreants stole the child along with a car. Police rescued the child from a secluded area. A video of the rescue has gone viral on social media. The US Fort Worth Police Department said the child was stolen along with a car on May 15. The video, which went viral, showed the police conducting a search at a secluded spot at night. At this time, a policeman shouted that the child had been found. After that, the police team rescued the 6-month-old baby lying in an abandoned place.

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Fort Worth Police said patrol officers received a call from the 3300 block of N. Pecan St. last Monday. The complainant said on the phone that a group of six miscreants abducted a 6-month-old child along with his car. The complainant said that all the accused were drug addicts.

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After receiving this complaint, a team of Fort Worth police started searching. After a long search, the stolen car was recovered from the Deen St area, but they did not find the child. A suspect was arrested by the police on suspicion of involvement in the incident. Meanwhile, the family panics as the child is not found. A missing diary was also filed by the family at the police station. After that, the investigator started interrogating the suspect. The suspect broke down under interrogation.

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He said that the child was left in a secluded place. Then the police went to a certain place with the accused. After searching for some time, the 6-month-old child was rescued. The Fort Worth Police Department reported that the recovered child had no signs of injury. The child is then handed over to the parents. They breathed a sigh of relief after having a child. Some of the netizens breathed a sigh of relief after finding the 6-month-old baby. The work of the police was also praised.

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Meanwhile, the police have registered a case against the arrested suspect. The accused has been charged with car theft along with child abduction. The US police have also started searching for others who were with the accused.

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