Will you change the stars in the sky? How much does it cost to get married in space?

Destination wedding is the latest trend in weddings. A destination wedding is the name of getting married in a favorite place of both. Many people choose the favorite mountain or seaside as this destination. Many people choose the quiet lap of nature. They tied the knot by going to their favorite place. It’s not like everyone does it just to be trendy. Instead, he went to a slightly different environment from the everyday familiar world and started the important chapter of life there. But everyone’s favorite place is not the same. Some prefer the seaside, some prefer the mountain valleys. Some prefer a secluded place surrounded by trees. But whose choice is space? If someone wants to change marriage in space? Don’t worry, a company came forward with such a system. It is possible only if you pay 1 crore per person.

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A company called Space Perspective recently announced this. It has been reported that even by going to space, one can make their destination wedding a success. Exchanges can be made in the middle of the sky full of sun stars. The organization is also making special arrangements for this. It is said that the couple-to-be will be flown into the sky in a giant carbon neutral balloon. The balloon will also have many windows through which the Earth can be seen. This balloon will be on the Earth’s axis. This balloon will float in space for a total of six hours. Which will take both the bride and the groom a total of 100,000 feet above the earth.

Currently, the services of this special wedding destination are going to start from 2024. However, ticket sales have already started. According to the source of the organization, 1000 tickets have been sold already. These special balloons of the company will run on renewable hydrogen gas. As a result, the risk of environmental pollution will be reduced a lot.

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