Why is May Day celebrated? Why is this day important in Indian history?

Tomorrow is May Day. Every year May 1 is observed as International Labor Day or International Workers Day. Not many people know about the history of this day, also known as International Workers’ Day. Let’s see why the day is observed.

International Labor Day has been celebrated in America since 1886. Although this day has been observed in India since 1923. There is a great history associated with it. That is no less interesting.

This day is celebrated to remember the martyrs who died in the Hay Market of Chicago in 1886. On that day, the workers gathered at the Hay Market demanding 8 hours of daily work. Someone threw a bomb at the police who surrounded them. After that the police started firing on the workers. As a result about 10-12 workers and police were killed. In 1889, on the centenary of the French Revolution, the First Congress of the Second International was held in Paris. There Raymond Lavin proposed to celebrate the anniversary of the Chicago protest in different countries since 1890. This marks the beginning of International Workers’ Day. In 1891, this proposal was formally adopted at the Second International Congress in Paris. May Day is recognized.

A resolution was adopted on this occasion at the International Conference of Socialists held in Amsterdam in 1904. All democratic parties and trade unions are called upon to organize marches and marches on May Day across the world to demand 8-hour work day and for peace. At that conference all the trade unions decided to ‘compulsorily no-work’ on 1st May. May Day is a significant day in many countries of the world including former Soviet Union, China, Cuba. Military parades are organized on this occasion in all those countries.

In 1923, the Labor Party of Hindustan decided to observe this day in India. Red flag hoisted on International Workers’ Day in Chennai. This day is celebrated in more than 80 countries. It marks a very important day in the political history of the world. Like other years this day will be celebrated in India as well as the rest of the world.

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