Who stood between God and religion? Two Rabindra-experts looked back

One finds the other

Rabindranath’s relationship with his God is quite sour. Sometimes from the aarti of ‘Chero Na’ (in the song ‘Chirskha’) the sad affirmation of ‘Ae Karech Bho’ is made. His ‘human life’ is blessed to have once again been invited to the ‘joy of the world’. Purana expert Nrisinghamprasad Bhaduri said in an event, since the time of Mangalkavya, the Bengali people have developed a loving relationship with the gods. Rabindranath is an artistic embodiment of that relationship and certainly an ‘other’ dimension. What is that other dimension?

From the point of view of the range of consciousness, sometimes the poet’s religious thought seems to be strange. In his essays, speeches, songs, poems, there is mention of a profound touch. So the question arises, who was the shadow companion of his mind on the journey from sorrow to happiness, from suffering to conviction? Who filled him with a new life!

Organized to understand his ‘religion’

As long as loved ones are gone, Rabindranath’s God has become his ‘relative’. The poet’s passion for solitude has also become intense. So pervasive that Rabindranath, his search for God can be found by tuning to what tune? Prominent essayist Sourindranath Bhattacharya spoke of a cohesive spirit in that source. In his words, ‘Rabindranath’s novelistic thought is a deep element of his whole life. In our modern times, his thoughts are not clearly understood due to various reasons. We are beyond all the ideas, words and beliefs that the world is made of. Separated from that world. Therefore, to understand the world that he wants to describe, we have to do some vandalism ourselves. He writes that even a small grain of sand has a touch of infinity. The sand ends, then the not-sand begins. So the sand but not-sand is in the sea. This is coming to his mind at that young age! Later, when the novelistic mind became more mature, these thoughts became more and more intense.

His novelistic mind

The words of Rabindranath’s scientific thinking also came up. The poet did not abandon the rational mind to get closer to God. In Saurin Babu’s words, ‘Manab tui ananta brahmand mighe bhramich’ comes in his songs. ‘Man’ is intimately connected with his concept of the infinite and the universe. The human form is also involved in scientific thinking.

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