When did you start kissing? Sensational data in research

Love and affection are closely related. The most loving couple in the world wants to fly themselves to the people they love. But when did people start kissing?

Recently, in a study about this, the scientists of Copenhagen have received sensational information. At least four and a half thousand years before the birth of Christ, people knew how to taste a romantic kiss. Researchers claim that this is the first kiss of human civilization.

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A team of researchers in Denmark has been carrying out archaeological excavations for the past few years to find the traces of the world’s first romantic kiss. They claim that romantic kisses are mentioned in ancient Indian statues dating back thousands of years. Moreover, similar references have been found in Mesopotamian inscriptions recovered from underground.

Historians claim that the scripts found in Mesopotamia date back at least two and a half thousand years before the birth of Christ. Originally, Sumerian and Akkadian writings are known to contain detailed descriptions of kissing. Note that these scripts are known to be of the Bronze Age.

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Ancient Mesopotamians spoke Sumerian and Akkadian. Historians claim that the scripts that have been recently found in excavations in Iran date back to about 3500 BC.

According to historical Trolls punk Arbol, the script refers to two types of romanticism. Ancient Mesopotamians enjoyed a kind of romance with family and friends. Besides, they used to kiss to satisfy their sexual thirst.

Researchers also claim that kissing was an everyday thing for the ancient Mesopotamians. They used to kiss family and friends everyday. However, in the case of sex, the researchers also claimed that this kiss would not have been public.

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Historians have reported the importance of romantic kisses around the world until the end of the 3rd century BC. According to them, kissing was also practiced in the house ceremonies of Copper and Bronze Age rulers.

However, this romantic kiss of ancient times can never be considered as a custom, researchers said. According to researcher Trolls, “Kiss spread rapidly from one area to another. It has progressed through the centuries since then. Kissing has spread many infectious diseases. Even then, people never moved away from it.”

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