What part of the body of girls is good to have hair? You will be surprised to know what the scriptures say

A branch of astrology is Samudra Shastra. According to this scripture, many things can be known about a person by looking at their physical structure, size, shape and even their hair. Apart from hair color and structure, eyes, nose, face and even the structure of hands and feet can be known about the ghost, future and present of that person. Rishi Samudra composed this scripture. According to this Shastra, it is very auspicious to have hair on certain parts of the body. Also hair or hair in any part brings inauspicious sign. If a man or a woman has hair in different parts of his body, it carries different signals. It is said in the scriptures that a woman who has such symptoms in her body will bring good luck in her husband’s life. Let’s know at a glance, according to Samudra Shastra, which part of women’s body is auspicious to have hair and which part is inauspicious.

ear hair

According to this scripture, having hair in the ears is very auspicious. Such natives have a lot of money. They used to live a luxurious life. They gain a lot with little effort. Apart from this, women are very talented if they have ear hair. God’s blessings are always showered on them.

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back hair

According to Samudra Shastra, having hair on women’s back is also a great auspicious sign. These women are very brave. Such people are on the one hand trustworthy, on the other hand they are responsible. Their financial fortune also shines.

Long thick hair

According to Shastra, women whose head hair is long, thick and black are very auspicious. When a man marries such a woman, men reach the pinnacle of success. Not only that, they also reached the peak of great improvement in job and business. According to Samudra Shastra, girls with such hair light up the world by their own virtue. These girls get everyone’s love in the in-laws’ house. Girls who are also very good for the family.

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