What is the result of full body surgery to dress up as a real barbie?

The toy doll Barbie was seen a lot. But in real life? What is Barbie like in real life? A lot of things happen when you try. A young woman from Queensland, Australia proved that. The 25-year-old now looks like a real-life Barbie princess. The young woman has made herself a barbie by doing some special surgeries. How much has it cost? He lost more than 1 lakh dollars. According to an Australian media report, the young woman named Jazmin Forrest also spoke about her experience. He told the media that this surgery has changed his life completely. According to him, he faced surgery for the first time at the age of 18. At that time, he underwent surgery to increase the shape of the breast. He then underwent another surgery while on vacation in Los Angeles.

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Ms. Forrest has already undergone multiple plastic surgeries to transform herself into a real-life Barbie. He plans to undergo more such surgeries in the future. According to him, there is a big reason behind it. According to her, it was difficult for her to move forward in life unless she underwent surgery and became a real Barbie. Now seeing her like this, many people think she is a brave woman. When she was a teenager, she thought about changing her face with plastic surgery. Now Jazmin is slowly fulfilling that dream.

At the same time, Jazmin also said that she used to see girls walking around with fake breasts on the streets. Besides, how men behave towards beautiful women, he did not escape his notice. So all in all, Jazmin made such a decision. That’s when he decided to grow up and invest in his own body. Not only that, he used to enjoy his changed appearance after each surgery. The behavior of boys and girls towards him also changed a lot after the surgery.

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