What did the passengers see flying in the middle of the sky! Tajjab Netdunyao

All the passengers of an airplane were going towards their destination while sitting in the middle of the sky. Suddenly everyone stopped by seeing a scene outside the window. Many people like to see the world below when traveling somewhere by plane. But this scene wasn’t just the world below. Rather, a special surprise was waiting for the passengers with him. Seen from the plane in mid-air, rockets are launched from a space launch facility below. The rocket went up at high speed. The scene was caught on camera by eager passengers. Recently, this video spread through social media. Netizens were also impressed by that.

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In the video shared on Instagram today, a rocket is being launched from a space launch facility. In a few seconds the ejected rocket rises straight up to the height of the plane. Then it rises higher, towards its destination. Some words were also written in the video. That is – ‘When you suddenly see a rocket launch while on a plane’. The video was shared by an Instagram page called plane.focus. Although the original video is not from that page. The video was shared from a profile on the TikTok app.

This post was made last February 18 through social media. But even so, its madness has not decreased at all. Rather, this viral video is still trending. All in all, the number of views should be surprising. The number of views of the video has exceeded seven million. Not only that, the number of likes and comments has also increased. Besides, the comment section is filled with comments from impressed netizens. As one netizen wrote, ‘Isn’t it a miracle?’ In the words of another, ‘Such an experience comes only for a short time in life!’

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