Weekly horoscope: Will you get new career opportunities? Will the business profit? Check weekly lagna results at a glance

Weekly income

Aries Lagna: This week is going to give you great opportunities in terms of promotion. However, try to take advantage of every opportunity with proper thinking. Because it’s possible that you won’t be able to make as much profit as you should because of passion. Mercury occupies the twelfth house in your Moon sign and according to your education horoscope this week will be full of general opportunities for your Lagna in the field of education. Especially for those who are preparing for competitive exams this time will be for extra effort, only then they will be able to get favorable results.

Taurus Lagna : This week will not prove to be very good for the native/s of this Lagna in terms of love relationship and married life. Financially, this month may be very difficult for this Lagna Jataka/Jatika, you may have problems in earning money, Jataka/Jatika will have to take a lot of care of money as there is a possibility of loss of money. In terms of health, this week will not go well for the natives of this sign.

Gemini lagna: This week there is a possibility of a quarrel between brothers and sisters in family matters, those who rent out their house will have a dispute with the landlord. This week is not good in work. But this week you will get the proper result of your hard work, the decision of that case is more likely to come in your favor. So keep trying without pausing and wait for the right time.

Cancer Lagna : Your younger siblings at home may get a lot of success in every aspect of their lives this week as third house lord Mercury is aspecting his own house. Therefore, those who were unemployed, are likely to get a job this week. On the other hand, those who are employed, but this time have the possibility of promotion. There will be possibility of quarrel with mother and sister or quarrel with parents. Your mother or sister may be displeased with you for some words. There will be mental worries and everything will be delayed in work as well. There may be some bad news related to work.

Leo Lagna : Family members should live together with great understanding, so that there is peace and love in the family. In terms of love, this month will not be very special for this lagna native/s, as you may face many obstacles in the way of love. Financially, this month may be a bit difficult for the natives of this lagna. Your expenditure on health related matters is likely to increase.

Kanya Lagna : Talking about the education of the natives of this lagna, there is a possibility of delay in getting the results, due to this, the natives will have to face obstacles in the development in the field of education and family members may face problems. People of this sign have the ability to do even the most difficult tasks with ease, while people of this sign are always creative and eager to try something new. The natives of this lagna may face work pressure and obstacles. For those who are envisioning something big in their job, it will be a bit difficult, some natives may lose their job and get another job for improvement.

Tula Lagna : Disagreement with family members on a small matter can destroy the peace of the home. Due to which you will also have the possibility of developing wrong feelings towards them. Transit of Jupiter in 10th house is going to bring progress in your career, but you are advised not to lose patience and take any decision in haste, don’t let the intoxication of success cloud your mind.

Scorpio lagna : Although this week is good in terms of health, the conjunction of Sun, Mars and Ketur can make you angry, and mentally stressed. Therefore, you will try to improve some of these habits, so that you will be able to achieve success at the end of the week. This week, people of this lagna will be able to get rid of all problems financially. Because with your understanding and the right investments made in the past, you will be completely successful in eliminating all fears of ups and downs in your financial life. You can learn a lot from your decisions.

Dhanu Lagna : Financial condition is sure to improve this week, but a family member may need treatment for illness. Due to which your stress will also increase. This week you will have to work hard as well as improve your skills to progress in your career, otherwise you will not be able to complete any work on time. This will have a direct impact on your career and at the same time you may experience difficulty in making decisions. This time can be very good for higher education and you can get good success in higher education during this time.

Makar Lagna: This week will bring improvement in your career, but you are advised to take special care that whatever you do during this time, you should understand it well beforehand. The natives of this lagna will get many good opportunities to travel abroad. With the help of which you will be able to learn something new as well as establish many suitable resources for your development. In the field of education, these lagna natives will have to take the help of their elders and teachers to get the desired results this whole week. In such a situation, understand that if you try to understand each topic alone, you will have to spend more energy and time than necessary. So it will be better for you to take the help of elders while studying.

Aquarius Lagna: This week will prove to be good for you in terms of career. Because the natives of this lagna will get many good opportunities to travel abroad. With the help of which you will be able to learn something new as well as establish many suitable resources for your development. This week, you will continue to receive money through many means. In such a situation, you are advised to make a good plan in your financial life at the beginning of this week itself. Because only by doing this you can save your money to a great extent as well as savings. If you are doing family business, you can get desired results this week. Apart from this, if you have recently started a business together with your family, you should avoid investing all at once and invest slowly and wisely.

Pisces Lagna : In your Moon sign, Sun is in the first house as fifth house lord and Saturn is in eleventh house. This week indicates that if you have to change jobs or take any important career-related decisions, this period may prove to be a very auspicious time. In such a situation, don’t rush, think about every decision in time. This week, traders should be very careful while taking every decision related to money. Because in those deals where you expected to make money, a little carelessness on your part can cost you. So be careful and read every document patiently while doing the transaction.

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