Washington: Are eight people in anger on immigrants?

Washington: Another loss of life in Texas. At least eight people were killed by a reckless car! On Sunday morning, a group of people waiting for a bus was run over by a refugee camp in Brownsville, near the Mexican border.

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Seven people died at the scene. Most are aspiring to immigrate to America. Another person later died in hospital. According to sources, at least 5 other people were seriously injured in this incident in South Texas. The driver of the killer car has been arrested and questioned by the police. Police have not released his name. Whether it was a mere accident or intentional is under investigation.

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A section of locals claimed that the accused increased the speed of the vehicle instead of stopping despite the signal light being red. It is also alleged that the driver of the car shouted unspeakable abuse at the refugee group standing on the road before hitting it. Therefore, a source of the Texas police said that it will be investigated whether this incident was done out of hatred towards the refugees. Some claimed that the arrested driver was drunk. Probably took drugs too. However, the police did not clarify. Police claim that the accused is not cooperating with the investigation.

According to local sources, around 8:30 am on Sunday, the car broke the signal and practically fell into the bus stand. According to an eyewitness, the driver was abusing them continuously by sticking his head out of the car. He claimed that the driver had deliberately given the car to the gathering. Around 25 people were standing at the bus stand at that time. Most are refugees from other countries.

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Recently, the strict immigration laws of the Donald Trump era have been repealed at the border with Mexico. Under the law, the Border Police had the power to reject a refugee’s immigration application and turn him away from the border. But from now on it can no longer be done. Some speculated that anger over the law change would rub off on Brownsville’s immigration hopefuls.

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