Vat savitri 2023: Three rare yogas on Vat Savitri this year, do these remedies to solve marital problems

Bot Savitri Vrat will be observed on 19 May 2023. On this day, married women fast from sunrise to sunset to protect the longevity of their husbands. Fasting on Bot Savitri is said to be as fruitful as Karva Chauth. This year there are some special yogic coincidences on the Bot Savitri fast day, doubling the importance of the day. Let’s know about the auspicious yoga and remedies of Bot Savitri Vrat.

Bot Savitri fast is observed on the Amavasya tithi of Jaishtha month. This year Amavasya Tithi will start on May 18 at 9.42 pm and May 19 at 09 pm. It will end at 22:00. Bot Savitri Vrat involves the ritual of worshiping the banyan tree i.e. banyan tree, an auspicious time on this day from 07.19 am to 10.42 am.

Shobhan Yoga – 18 May 2023 on 07. 37 minutes to 19 May 2023 07. Shobhan Yoga will be in Bot Savitri Vrat till 17 minutes. Shobhan yoga is considered very auspicious. Puja in this yoga increases the attractiveness of the person, brings happiness in married life.

Gajakeshari Yoga – On the day of Bot Savitri New Moon Moon will be in Aries with Jupiter, due to which Gajakeshari Yoga will be formed, Puja and auspicious deeds in this yoga gives strength like an elephant and blessings of Mother Lakshmi.

Shasha Rajyoga – This day also has Shani Jayanti and on the day of Bot Savitri fast Saturn will be in its own sign Aquarius, due to which Shash Rajyoga will be formed. According to astrology, Shasha Raja Yoga gains respect in society.

A person who plants a banyan tree on the day of Bot Savitri fasting never has tension in his married life. Financial problems end and the husband is blessed with long life.

Bot Savitri Vrat is a festival of married women, it is said that donating ornaments on this day will increase the life of the husband. In such cases, give bangles, tips, henna, kumkum, turmeric to married women and tie a small banyan root in yellow cloth, it will surely bring wealth.

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