Vande Bharat: Passenger comfort is increasing in Vande Bharat, sleeper coaches are coming

Ayan Ghoshal: Big update on Bande Bharat from Railway Minister himself. Now lay comfortably and pass the storm.

Even before the start of the journey, Vande Bharat Express, with its semi-high speed, rose to the peak of popularity. From speed to passenger comfort, everything was ace one of the best chair car trains in the country.

The only drawback was the Vande Bharat Express cable chair car. No sleeping arrangements. As a result, although the passenger comfort was high, the Shatabdi, the capital could not be at par with the Bande Bharat Express.

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But this time that deficiency is going to be filled. Vande Bharat Express is also going to have sleeper class. Meanwhile, the manufacturing of India’s state-of-the-art sleeper coaches has also started in Vande.

It is known that Sleeper Vande will come to India at the beginning of next year. This was said by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnab after launching the Dehradun-Delhi Bandh Bharat Express on Thursday.

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It is known that India is going to have 3 types of trains. Bande Chair Car, Bande Metro and Bande Sleepers. These types of India are differentiated on the basis of distance and passenger comfort.

At a distance of less than 100 km i.e. instead of local train, Vande Bharat Metro. Bande Bharat Chaircars will run between 100-550 km distance and Bande Bharat Sleeper Trains will travel between distances of more than 550 km.

Sleepers trains will have sleeping arrangements for passengers. Meanwhile, production of Vande Bharat sleeper coaches has started at the Integrated Coach Factory in Chennai. The railway minister said that these three types of railways will be launched in India by February-March next year.

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