Ukrainian parliamentarians ran and punched the Russian representative in the face! Watch the video

Dhundhumar in the economic meeting of international organizations. Clash between representatives of Russia and Ukraine. Let’s kill-slap-punch. The organizers of the event have to struggle to handle this.

Recently, the meeting of Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation was held in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The representatives of warring Russia and Ukraine joined there.

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On May 4, during a ceremony of this meeting, the Russian representative suddenly unfurled the flag of Ukraine. At that time a woman was giving a speech. He came behind him and pulled the flag open and tried to leave the room with it.

As soon as the matter came to attention, the MP of Ukraine, Alexander Marikovsky, intervened. He ran and punched the Russian representative. After that, the fight started between the two people. At that time, the MP of Ukraine snatched the flag from the Russian representative.

The fight broke out in the hotel lobby between the Russian delegation and the Ukrainian MP. The representative of Russia moved aside holding his nose when the Ukrainian parliamentarian punched him in the face. Immediately he tried to slap the sails flat.

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In this situation, the hotel staff rushed and calmed the two. The Russian representative was evacuated from there. The Ukrainian MP also returned to the venue with a flag roaring in anger.

The video of the whole incident was posted on micro blogging site Twitter on the same day by Jason J. Smart, a correspondent of Ukraine. It went viral in no time. It is reported that more than 3 million people have seen the video till the morning of the next day i.e. May 5. The video was later posted by Ukrainian MP Alexander Marikovsky from his account.

On the other hand, mixed reactions have been seen on social media regarding this incident. Some of the netizens claimed that the Russian representative insulted the flag of Ukraine. He deserved the punch for that.

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Another section of netizens, however, targeted the organizers of the event for the incident. They pointed out that there was a need for strict surveillance on the representatives of the two warring countries.

Two days ago, Russian forces shot down a drone over the Kremlin. Moscow claims The drone was sent by Ukraine to kill President Vladimir Putin. Which is denied by Kiev.

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