Typhoon Mawar : Cyclone speed will be 215 km per hour, super typhoon Mawar will rage

Super Cyclone Mawar (Cyclone Mawar) is approaching at a terrible speed. Which has already been identified as the most dangerous typhoon in the world in 2023. The forecast of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center says that this super typhoon is going to hit the Philippines. The speed will be around 175 km per hour. Gusts will blow at a speed of 210 to 215 km.

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According to the Philippine Meteorological Department, Cyclone Mower has already increased its strength. It is moving westward over the Philippine Sea. This super typhoon is set to break all records for 2022.

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last wednesday This hurricane raged over Guam. Heavy rain has begun across Guam. Due to the devastating storm, several trees were uprooted on the roof of the house, on the car. The road is closed. According to the Guam Power Department, 52,000 homes on the island are currently without power. Only 1,000 homes are serviced. Although there are no reports of casualties, loss of life is feared. A flood alert has been issued.

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around the world Mawar is set to be one of the strongest typhoons to hit in May. Such is the warning of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

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Currently, this super typhoon is located about 1705 kilometers southeast of Luzon City. The Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration of the Philippines said the storm will continue to affect the country until Sunday. It will then move west and northwest.

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The super typhoon will enter the Philippines Area of ​​Responsibility on Saturday morning. After entering this area it will be known locally as Betty. this Meteorologists also fear that the super typhoon may cause flooding in the Philippines.

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The super typhoon may affect Japan and Taiwan as well. Before that, a tsunami warning was issued there. It is known that an earthquake was felt in Tokyo today. The magnitude was 6.6 on the Richter scale. The tremor was felt over an area of ​​44.2 km off the east coast of the Chiba Peninsula. Strong tremors were felt in the Chiba and Ibakari areas. The nuclear power point also shook there. However, no casualty was reported.

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