Tucker Budzyn: Eight million a year income! Insta is crazy pet

Washington: Many of those who used to call themselves ‘content creators’ on social media now write ‘influencers’ next to their names. Posting a reel or video on Instagram, YouTube is no longer just a hobby. Many people are earning a lot in this way. how much According to calculations, Indian influencers earn an average of Rs 25,000 per month. There are also a large number of creators who leave their permanent jobs and make a living by selling content on social media.

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Mega influencers like Praukta Koli earn 2-4 crore rupees a year. That means earning 8 crore 28 lakh taka a year? Hearing the news, the eyes are about to rise. But in reality, the five-year-old ‘money’ has caused a stir on social media. Yes, that golden retriever breed is now Instagram’s ‘latest star.’ Courtney Badzin and her husband Mike, a 30-year-old young woman from Michigan, America, are busy with their ‘capital’, the essence of ‘money Badzin’.

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Tucker Badjin’s Instagram profile has more than 30 lakh followers. From this huge fan following, Tucker and his owners are making huge income from sponsored ads on YouTube and Instagram. According to a company called ‘Printed Pet Media’, Tucker is the number one pet in the world right now.

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He has been earning crores since he was two years old. Courtney recently told an American media while calculating that income that she earned $20,000 from Instagram alone for posting three to eight stories of her pet. And YouTube? According to Courtney, they earn $40,000 to $60,000 per YouTube post for a 30-minute pre-roll.

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Even five years ago, Courtney did not have such a happy family. The young woman worked as a cleaner. And her civil engineer husband Mike worked in a local firm. In June 2018, they brought four-week-old Tucker home. Then the planned work begins. Instagram page for Sarmeyor started posting one after another. Within a year and a half, the game turned around. Seeing the increasing number of followers, both the husband and wife quit their jobs and became Tucker’s full-time caretakers.

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