Trump found guilty of raping the writer, the court ordered a large financial fine

Before the presidential election, Donald Trump is not worried about anything. This time, the former US president was accused of raping a writer. An American court found Trump guilty and fined him 5 million dollars. The incident started a few days ago. Columnist E Carroll accused Trump of rape. He claimed that in 1990 he went to a shopping mall in Manhattan for shopping. Donald Trump came there at that time. Although at that time Trump’s reputation was as an industrialist.

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Carol alleged that Trump raped her by forcing her to a trial room in the mall. A few days ago, the columnist approached the court accusing Trump of rape. Trump was convicted in that case. In response to questions, Carroll’s lawyer said that Trump forcibly raped his client. Carol tried to stop but failed. However, the former US president claimed that the lawyer’s complaint was baseless.

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He claimed that an attempt was being made to frame him. In the end, after answering questions from both sides, the court found Trump guilty and fined him. The judge ordered Carroll to pay the fine. However, Trump’s lawyer Tacopina could not accept the decision of the US court. He said that an appeal will be made challenging the verdict.

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Meanwhile, columnist Carroll breathed a sigh of relief at the US court’s ruling. He commented that he finally got to know the real truth. Carol called this victory not only for her, but for every woman in America. It should be noted that last year the Joe Biden government implemented a new law related to rape. The new law says that even if decades have passed after the rape, the victim can file a case.

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Carroll did not reveal the events of the Nambai decade for fear of shame. The US columnist accused Donald Trump of rape in the court after the new law was introduced. Before Carol, there were allegations of Donald Trump’s close relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels in 2006. That relationship came to light during the 2016 US presidential election. At that time, Trump allegedly paid a bribe of 130 thousand US dollars to keep the mouth of the porn star. A case in this regard is pending in an American court.

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