Trouble watching a football match! 12 killed in El Salvador’s stadium stampede

At least 12 people died after being trampled while watching a football match. This tragic accident happened in a football stadium in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, Central America. The police and local administration said two women were among the dead. The accident happened during a match between two local teams.

The match between Alianza and Fas was underway at the Cuscatlan Stadium there, officials said. Alianza and FAS fans gathered in large numbers at the stadium. Fans of both teams tried to enter the stadium after the gates were closed. Many fell down in their haste.

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12 people died in this incident. Hundreds of people were injured there. The match was declared abandoned soon after the accident. Director of the National Civil Police there, Maurico Araiza, said that 9 people were crushed to death in the stadium. Others died in various hospitals there.

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, said that a detailed and complete investigation will be conducted in this incident. Salvadoran Health Minister Francisco Alabi tweeted that an emergency team was immediately deployed there. The police and other security guards arranged for the injured to be taken to the hospital.

It is reported that at least 500 people were injured in the incident at the stadium there on Saturday. About 100 of them were admitted to the hospital. Alabi also said that the condition of most of them is stable.

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President Naib Bukel said, initially it was known that many people wanted to enter the stadium together. This happened at that time. The police and attorney general’s office there will investigate the incident.

He tweeted, “Everything will be investigated. Everyone will be interrogated. Team, manager, stadium, ticket office, league, federation will all come under investigation. Whoever is guilty must be punished. No one will be spared.” .”

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The Salvadoran Football Federation has expressed deep sorrow over this incident. Even before this, while watching a football match, there have been cases of death due to trampling. Seven months ago, 135 people, 40 children, were crushed to death during a football match in Malang, Indonesia.

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