Tiger-tiger bone-to-bone fight with prey, who won? Watch the bone chilling video

The tiger and tigress fight in the enclosure of the zoo caught the attention of all the visitors. The tigress was busy stealing food from a tiger at Ranthambore National Zoo. After realizing the tiger ran. Then the intense ‘understanding’ begins. The audience was shocked to see this incident. A video of this incident also went viral in the net world. The video was uploaded on YouTube by a company called Latest Sightings. As soon as the video is posted, the number of viewers increases rapidly. Along with this, various comments from different YouTube users are increasing in the comments. The netizens were shocked to see the tiger and tigress fight.

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The company also wrote a description of how the whole incident actually happened below the video. It is said that a tigress saw a dead deer on the road and ran away. He was trying to pick it up as his prey. But the task was not easy at all. Because there was a tiger hiding nearby to get the camel. Will he give up his prey easily? Not at all! As a result, the fight! There is a tug of war between the two of them over that food. That tension turns into a bone fight. This scene of Ranthambore National Park was captured on the camera of a man named Vijay Kumawat. That video is uploaded on YouTube.

Although the video was posted on May 10, the number of views has already crossed 1 million. Besides, the video also got a lot of likes. The reaction of the netizens in the comment section was also worth watching. One writes, ‘These two probably know each other. So the tigress dared to go and fetch the food that the tiger had hunted with ease. Or such an event can not be seen!’ In the words of another, ‘The tiger is so big! Fight them again! If I saw face to face, I would have cowered in fear.’

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