Three children in one womb, why the rarest of rare events? Experts said

The story of twins is often heard. But about having three children together? Nah, that is rarely heard. However, it cannot be said that it is rare for multiple children to be born at the same time. Now the news comes frequently in the news pages. But the story of these three children can be told completely differently. And that’s why newborn babies in Britain are straight into the headlines. According to scientists, the birth of three children at the same time is rare. This happens in about one in 100,000 pregnancies. That is, in every 1 million pregnancies, three children are born together.

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But the case in Britain is rarer for several reasons. According to scientists, these three children look exactly the same. That is, there is no way to know these three separately. Such an event almost never happens. How rare is the birth of three children? Scientists say, by calculating numbers. One in 200 million births has a chance of this happening. And that possibility has become real this time. Out of 20 crores, three identical looking children were born in that one delivery. The couple, Jenny and James, did not receive news of their three children at first. They had news that twins were going to come to their arms. But a few months into the pregnancy, they received reports that not two, but three babies were about to arrive.

However, there have been many complications during delivery. Three children were born much ahead of time. Three rare babies were born about nine months ago. Because of this, the body was in bad shape. Being premature babies, they were kept in special care. Many organs and body systems are immature in premature babies. So he cannot adapt to the outside environment. How are three baby embryos formed? According to experts, this happens when an egg breaks into three parts during fertilization. However, scientists say that such an event occurs once in 20 million.

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