This planet is covered in lava, is there water there? Scientists said

All of a sudden, volcanic lava is coming out and covering the surroundings. No, it’s not a sight on Earth. But this is happening on a planet far away from Earth. And scientists are finding great information from this. This phenomenon is happening in a neighboring nebula or galaxy outside the solar system. There is an earth-shaped planet orbiting a star. It turns out that the planet has frequent eruptions. The rate of eruption is so high that the surroundings are completely covered with lava. How often do eruptions occur there? Nasa scientists say that eruptions occur frequently on Jupiter’s moons, so it is happening on that planet. Incidentally, this low planet has the highest number of volcanic eruptions in the solar system.

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How was this information known? Scientists have made this observation through a special instrument of NASA, Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS. The data collected by this instrument and another instrument called Speizer Space Telescope were used in this work. In addition to this, information obtained through various observations from the ground level has also been used. The research was led by scientist Marin Peterson. Its research paper was published in the famous scientific journal Nature.

LP 791-18D (the name of this extrasolar planet) is not rotating around itself, said Björn Benek, a professor at IREX (Trottier Institute on Exoplanets) and one of the lead scientists of the study. This causes one of its sides to constantly face the star. As a result, the environment is getting very hot. Naturally, it is difficult to find the existence of water there. But scientists think that volcanoes are all over the planet. This planet is 90 million light years away from Earth. Scientists estimate that the planet is similar to the Earth but heavier than the Earth. For the time being, due to this extra warmth, scientists assume that water will not be available on this planet.

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