This ‘daily traveler’ gets up at Borivali and gets down at Andheri, in the noisy netpara.

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: It is hard to imagine Mumbai without local trains. Millions of people from distant districts enter the commercial city by pressing that Mumbai locale. Large areas of the city can be reached by train. As a result, local trains of Mumbai are associated with Mumbaikars. A stray dog ​​got on that train. He got down at his destination station. The video went viral on the netpara.

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A video was posted on an Instagram page called India Cultural Hub. It is seen that a stray dog ​​jumped onto the train at Borivali station. He stood at the gate once. The train left. Dog standing near the gate. Then found an empty space and lay down near the door. Passengers also started moving like themselves. Not to offend anyone in any way. There is quite a way to go. As soon as Jhimuni came, Sarmeya lay down on the floor.

Meanwhile, the passengers began to enjoy the dog’s feat. Even though he fell asleep, the dog woke up at the right time. Andheri has arrived. The train stopped. Calmly got off the train. It is claimed in that post that Kakur is a regular traveler of that route. However, there is no evidence to support that claim. Seeing his work will make you feel better.

Many people have made many comments after seeing that video. Someone wrote, It’s nice to see a dog walking around like this. It is also seen that it is going to mingle with other passengers of the train. Someone wrote, he is a part of our society. Another wrote, Very nice video. He knows no one will harm him. Seeing him reminds me of the Yulin festival in China. People enjoy torturing dogs in that festival. They also have the right to live comfortably among us.

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