There is no thorn in the body, but big teeth! There is excitement around the rescue of rare fish on the seabed

Oregon: A great sensation has spread in the US state of Oregon after the rescue of a strange-looking fish. According to the news of Fox Weather, this time a fish without a spine has been recovered, which is also very frighteningly beautiful. Finding such exotic fish in the deep ocean is not new. Many times they float to the beach. Thus a rare fish was recovered.

The fish’s mouth has protruding teeth, and the eyes are protruding. The tail of the fish looks like a bat. At a glance, the fish will be afraid. Scientists have said that this type of fish existed even in the dinosaur era. Photos of the lancet fish rescue were shared on Oregon State Parks’ social media pages.

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It says, Oregon beaches from Nehalum south to Bandon have caught a lot of fish over the past week. These fish live very deep in the ocean. However, the fish was alive until it was recently rescued. According to the specialty of the fish, there are no spines in the body of this fish. It is referred to as the spineless lizard.

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So far only one has been recovered. However, scientists are hopeful that more such fish will be found in that beach. They can grow up to 7 feet long and can swim as deep as 1 mile in the ocean. They have previously been found in the Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

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