There are no men in the village, men are forbidden to enter, but the women of the village are getting pregnant

Satya Selucas What a strange ‘world’! How many reforms, how many customs, how many customs! To be really surprised! For example, there is a village in Africa where no man lives, no man has the right to enter, but the girls in that village are getting pregnant! You must be thinking, what is this again? Both male and female are needed for child birth. A new life is created by the union of a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm. A new life grows in the womb of a woman. Then how come women are getting pregnant day after day without male sperm in this village?

Umoja is a strange village located in the Samburu region of Kenya, Africa. Only women live in this village for the past 27 years. There are no men in the village. Men are not allowed to enter this village. 15 women were raped by the British army in 1990. Those 15 women were kept in this village surrounded by thorn trees. Gradually, this village became the address of male-dominated women. Naturally, the women of this village have a strong hatred for men, so the entry of men into the village is strictly prohibited.
Currently more than 250 women live in this village. There are also children. The question is there! Why are the women of this village giving birth?
But let’s say without hesitation! Men are not allowed to enter this village. But in the darkness of the night, the women of the village quietly go out of the village, to meet the man of their choice. After getting pregnant, they do not have any kind of relationship with that man. Women give birth to children and raise them by themselves.
This village is also a center of attraction for tourists. A safari is conducted in the village. There is also an entrance fee to enter the village. The livelihood of village women depends heavily on tourism.

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