The young doctor who was dressing the leg wound in the hospital was hacked to death by the young man

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The injured youth came to the hospital after fighting with family members. The young man committed a terrible act when he came to the hospital. The young man hacked a woman doctor to death in a hospital in Kottarakara, Kerala. The hospital is in a panic.

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According to the Kottarakara police station, the young man came to the hospital with a deep wound on his leg. Those female doctors and nurses were dressing the wound. At that time, the young man committed a terrible act. Jumping on doctors and other medical personnel with doctor’s knife and scissors. The young woman began to stab the doctor one after another. The young man also attacked the policemen who brought him to the hospital. They were also injured. The injured doctor was taken to a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. But he could not be saved.

The police told the media that the young man called the emergency number of the police saying that his family members were beating him. The police rushed to the phone. He was brought and admitted to the hospital. He was drunk when he was brought to the hospital. The smell of alcohol was coming from the mouth. The police were not allowed to enter the room where she was being dressed in the hospital. A sudden scream is heard. The young doctor ran out of the room. The young man ran behind him. Knife, scissors in his hand. He was shouting, I will kill you, I will kill you. It is not understood why he suddenly assumed such Rudra murti.

The police were shocked at the sudden incident. When he tried to stop him, he ran over the police. Apart from the doctor, four others were injured in the attack by the youth. Later, the police took him into custody with great difficulty. He has been detained. A case of murder has been filed against him.

IMA has moved on that incident. It has been said by the organization that the business cannot continue. In such a situation it is impossible to work. When doctors are saving people’s lives, they are the victims. IMA has already protested such incidents. The organization is very angry about this incident.

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