The whereabouts of the Russian ‘ghost’ Pramod Tari in the Caribbean Sea! Why did the passengers flee the luxury cruise?

Luxury suite made of wood. Eye-catching bedroom or lovely bathroom. Valuable items and pictures hung on the walls. There is a spa, gym, lift and helipad.

There is not a single passenger on this luxurious Russian pleasure boat. No one steps on the deck of this cruise worth billions of rupees. The Russian ship is falling down in the harbor like a haunted house.

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Last year, the whereabouts of the ‘ghostly’ Russian Pramod Tari were found in Antigua in the Caribbean Sea. The name of the ship is ‘Alpha Nero’. The cruise has been docked at Falmouth Harbor since last year.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year. After that, the United States imposed several sanctions on Moscow. At that time, this Russian cruise was in the Caribbean Sea near Antigua. After the start of the war, the ship anchored in Falmouth harbour.

Note that the cruise has been stuck in Antigua since March 2022. America sent FBI agents there after the ship got stuck. The passengers immediately left the ship.

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At present there are six sailors including the captain in this ship. They do all the maintenance work of the ship. But whether this luxury cruise will be able to float in the water, there is confusion.

Incidentally, in 2007, a Russian company made this Pramod Tari at a cost of 120 million US dollars. This cruise was at the very top of the wish list of many of the world’s billionaires. Be it the Black sea or the Caribbean sea – they loved to travel on this cruise. The ship is 267 feet long. Its weight is said to be more than two and a half thousand tons.

The captain of the ship said, “This Russian cruise is currently haunted by legal complications. All passengers left the cruise due to the ban. No new passengers came on the cruise either. Even taking fuel from the port has been stopped.”

However, six sailors including the captain could not leave the ship. “If the ship leaves, the entire cruise will be looted. That’s why we didn’t go. We spend the night in the cabin and deck of the ship. The logistics that were on the cruise have been exhausted. Now we have to buy food from outside.” Said the captain of the Russian Pramod Tari.

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On the other hand, the Antigua administration is in trouble with this ‘ghostly’ Russian ship. The ship has been declared abandoned by the government of that country. “Force has to be deployed at the port to secure the cruise. The captain and the sailors have to be looked after. Care has been taken to ensure that they get proper food, drink and medicine.” Said an administrative official of Antigua.

The country on the lap of the Caribbean Sea wants the Russian Pramod Tari to be taken elsewhere. They have also contacted Moscow about this. Russia has requested the return of the Pramod tari. But it is known that there are major legal complications here.

An administration official in Antigua claims that the ship cannot be handed over to Russia due to the US sanctions. Not only that, the owner is unable to sell the cruise. The Antigua administration has indicated that a solution could be found in talks between Moscow and Washington.

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