The thorny edge of love! A young Pakistani girl started a family with an Indian young man

There is no question of talking if cross-border terrorism is not stopped. In this complex situation of India-Pak relations, a unique love story of two countries has come forward! A young man from Punjab started a new life by marrying a Pak girl. On the other hand, the young woman crossed the barbed wire fence to build a house with the Indian young man.

The name of the young woman who married a Punjabi Hindu youth is Shahleen Javed. He had a relationship with Naman Luther for eight years. One is four hands at the end of this year.

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According to Luthra family sources, Naman went to Lahore to meet a relative in 2015. He had a conversation with Shahlin there. He fell in love with a Pakistani girl at first sight.

After a few days, the Punjabi Hindu youth returned to the country. However, he was in contact with Shahleen on social media. Not only that, they also told the family about this relationship.

Incidentally, Shahleen grew up in a devout Christian family. However, his family did not object to this. The engagement process was completed in Pakistan in 2016.

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The family members of the Pakistani girl came to this country exactly two years after the engagement. The wedding date is officially fixed in 2020. The two families started preparing like that.

But the marriage is interrupted by the covid epidemic. Infection starts in 2020, marriage postponed. After that, the Pakistani girl and her family members applied for visas in 2021 and 2022. Which was rejected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Shahlin applied again for the visa this year. Finally New Delhi granted it for one month. They came to this country without wasting time after getting the visa. Shahlin-Naman was exchanged in April this year. The wedding festival continues for 15 consecutive days.

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In an interview given to the media after marriage, Shahleen said, “I had given up all hope at one point. I understand the relationship between the two countries. As a result, the hope of getting a visa was over.” However, he said that he wants to stay in this country with Naman.

On the other hand, a member of the Luthra family said, “When I came to know that our son was going to marry a Pakistani girl, it was a shock.” It is an unexpected decision. None of us were ready for this marriage. But there was no problem in accepting the matter as Naman was firm in his decision.”

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