The temperature mercury will increase suddenly, 10 AC will break out in seconds!

Earth is getting warmer as the days go by. And as the temperature rises, the demand for air conditioners (ACs) as well as cooling devices increases. A sensational information has emerged about the sale of this AC in the world. According to a study, 10 air conditioners will be sold in the world every second by 2050.

Environmentalists have said that people in hotter countries are suffering the most from the rise in mercury. Temperate areas are not spared from it. Which, at one time could not be imagined. As a result, it is believed that the demand for AC is sky high to get rid of the heat.

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The study also revealed that currently 1.2 billion rural and urban people in the world cannot afford air conditioners. The survey claims that about 2.4 billion people are thinking of buying an air conditioner. The study was cited in a 2022 report by the group Sustainable Energy for All.

According to the study, the demand for refrigerators for food and medicine as well as air-conditioned vehicles will increase by 3 times by 2030. By 2050, the world will need 14 billion additional cooling devices. Which is almost four times more than what is currently used.

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Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency announced in a statement in 2018 that the global human demand for electricity will increase several times over the next three decades. The research firm estimates that the tendency of people to buy air conditioners will increase manifold due to global temperature rise between now and 2050. That’s 10 per second more than expected. As a result, the demand for electricity will increase accordingly.

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The study also states that air conditioners currently require 2,000 terawatts of electricity every year. That is equal to two and a half times the electricity used in all of Africa. As the demand for air conditioners or such machines is increasing, it will increase to 6,200 terawatts per hour in 2050.

Currently, the demand for electricity for air conditioners has increased in several parts of America, Middle East. The survey indicated that the names of India, China and Indonesia are going to be added to this list in the coming days. And for this, it will be necessary to set up high-capacity power generation plants, the report mentioned.

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