The story of Raynana Barnawi, the first Arab female astronaut to reach space

Astronaut and biomedical scientist Raynana Bernavi made history. Arab world’s first female astronaut has reached the International Space Station (ISS). Her feat is expected to inspire other women in the days to come.

According to the British media BBC, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off from the Space Center in Florida, America, last Sunday. Barnawi is the second Arab to achieve this feat on the Axiom space mission. The British media report also said that the female biomedical scientist plans to research stem cells and breast cancer during her 10-day stay in Earth orbit.

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The media report expressed hope that many more women will be inspired by his work in the future. The report also states that Barnawi’s research will build on work with stem cells and tissues at the King Faisus Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh. The astronaut and biomedical scientist spent nine years at the center, according to the BBC.

The Saudi female astronaut said in a video message before arriving at the International Space Station“The future of all people in the world is very bright. Appeal to everyone to dream big like him. Also a message to believe in yourself as well as trust in humanity.”

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Al Karni, native of Barnawi, is one of the astronauts on the Axiom space mission. In a message before going into space, he said that this mission is important not only to him, but to every Arab. He said that this mission would not have been successful without the support and love of every Arab citizen.

Another member of the mission, Commander Peggy Whitson, shared their excitement at arriving at the space center. Peggy is a former NASA astronaut. He is the commander in this mission. He has experienced several space missions in the past. Peggy Whitson did not forget to share the joy they were having when they arrived at the space center.

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The fourth member of this mission is American businessman John Shoffner. This is the second private mission of the Axiom space mission. Three businessmen and a retired NASA astronaut visited the International Space Station last year.

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