The price of a piece is thousands of rupees, which market sells the world’s most expensive mangoes?

One of the best attractions of Jamai Shashti is Mango. Mother-in-law will not have peace if she cannot give langra, Himsagar, fazli to her son-in-law. Not only that, there is a tradition of entertaining with mango sorbet or ampanna. On the other hand, on this day, many newly married young people enter their in-laws’ house with a bag full of mangoes along with curd and sweets.

But do you know which market sells the world’s most expensive mangoes? How much money does the mango cost on the day of Jamai Shashti or any special event?

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Every year, mangoes are harvested in large quantities in different parts of India including Bengal. Despite this, the world’s most expensive mangoes are found abroad. Japan has a record in this regard. It is known that the price of one mango of a special species there goes up to 20 thousand taka.

This precious mango is grown in the island nation of Hokkaido in the Pacific Ocean. This special species of mango is called Hiroyuki Nakagawa. The Japanese cultivate this mango through greenhouse farming. As a result, it is known to produce in winter.

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Nakagawa started cultivating this mango for the first time in Japan in 2011. At that time he left the profitable oil business and started mango farming. Later this mango became famous all over the world after his name. Note that Nakagawa created a brand of this mango as sales increased. Which he named, ‘Hakugin no Taiyo’. In Japanese, this term means ‘sun in the snow’.

According to a report by Bloomberg news agency, he adopted two methods to cultivate this valuable mango through greenhouse farming. These included collecting snow and hot spring water. He uses hot spring water to heat the greenhouse in winter. When it gets hot again, Nakagawa keeps the greenhouse cool naturally by sprinkling snow.

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Experts claim that the taste of that mango is unique due to this method. Moreover, mangoes are usually a summer fruit. But by adopting this method, Japanese farmers were able to grow mangoes at other times of the year.

Incidentally, in 2014, a mango exhibition was held in the capital city of Tokyo. There, the price of a single Nakagawa mango rose to US$ 400. In Indian currency that is about 34 thousand rupees. This is the highest price of mangoes so far, according to the news agency Bloomberg.

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