The number of infected will be 65 million! New corona fear in China

Even a few days ago, experts had warned that Covid has not fully gone away yet. Their fears proved true. After taking a break for some time, China’s corona graph is again upward. A doctor in China has warned that this corona infection may become widespread within the first week of next June.

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Cardiologist Zhong Nanshan recently told a conference of doctors in China’s Guangzhou province that since the end of last April, the new corona infection has increased in the country. He expressed fear that 65 million people may be affected by corona in the first week of next June. The doctor believes that this infection is due to the effect of XBB, a sub-variant of Omicron.

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In addition to cardiologist Zhong, Bloomberg also reported the increase in Chinese covid infections. According to their report, the number of infected people may reach 65 million by the end of this May, with the number of infections increasing every week under the influence of XBB. The media also reported that the virus spread rapidly among the 1.4 billion population in the last six months after the ChinaZero Covid policy was withdrawn.

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The media alleges that Beijing has stopped providing information on Covid-19 at the beginning of this May as the number of infections increased.
Incidentally, late last year there was an increase in new Chinecovid infections. It takes its peak shape at the beginning of the new year. At the time, daily infections were reported to have exceeded 37 million. Many people gathered at the hospital for treatment. Several pictures of corona patients admitted to hospital were posted on social media. In addition to the increase in the number of infections, many people have died, it has been claimed by several media.

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Meanwhile, it is reported that the Chinese government is going to emphasize on vaccination after the warning of new corona infection. In this regard, it is reported that the vaccination dose has been ordered to be stockpiled. The Chinese government has approved two more vaccines against Omicron’s new sub-variant XBB. Chinese experts have expressed doubts about how successful the new vaccines will be in preventing XBB.

Recently, experts said that 1 person is dying of Covid-19 every four minutes in the world. In this case, the situation is worst in less vaccinated countries. In the meantime, the increase in Chinese corona virus infections created a new panic.

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