The magic of the old minister! Congress leader’s skydive at 70

Velki old bone! Reaching 70, the minister himself saw the sky! The senior Congress leader skydiving in the spirit of adventure! He posted a video of his experience on social media. It goes viral in no time.

The name of the minister of Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh is TS Singh Deo. He is currently in charge of the health department. TS Singh recently went skydiving in Australia. His followers were shocked to see the video on the micro blogging site.
TS Singh Deo was the Maharaja of Surgujar in Chhattisgarh. He has been associated with Congress politics for a long time. He is seen smiling in the skydiving video. He also talked for some time with the trainer of this adventure sports.

Incidentally, the senior minister of Chhattisgarh was wearing special blue clothes during skydiving. In the viral video, just before the dive, he was seen folding the parachute with his own hands. After that, he posed in front of the camera in a thumbs up pose. It was his last film before dying.

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An instructor was with him during the skydiving. TS Singh Deo spoke to the man after coming down to the ground. He shared his experience with him. Besides, the minister of Chhattisgarh also asked several questions to that trainer.

It should be noted that Maharaj of Surgujar has posted a video clip of about 3 minutes of skydiving on social media. Deo captioned the video, “Age is no barrier to take to the skies. Had an incredible opportunity skydiving in Australia. Tasted an amazing adventure.”

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On the other hand, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel praised the veteran Congress leader for skydiving at 70. “Wah maharaja sahib! Apne to kamal kar diya! Hasle yu hi buland rahen. (Hey maharaja sahib! You have done it. Keep up the courage).” He wrote on Twitter. Along with this, Chief Minister Baghel also gave a message of greetings.

Besides, netizens also praised TS Singh Deo’s bravery. Commenting on the video she posted, one wrote, “Wonderful…what a brave and thrilling experience. Age is just a number. You prove it once again.”

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In 2008, TS Singh Deo won the Ambikapur assembly constituency in Chhattisgarh for the first time. This veteran Congress leader has been elected from here three times in a row.

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