The late Amis, Rushdie’s obituary, left a ‘book-filled shelf’

Washington and London: The battle with cancer stopped. Famous British novelist Martin Amis passed away at the age of 73. According to the author’s family, the author was suffering from esophageal cancer for a long time. He was also treated for several days in one of America’s leading hospitals. However, he breathed his last at his home in Florida on Saturday. English literary world mourned his death.

Known as a wizard of dark comedy and satire, Amis has given readers 15 classic novels and non-fiction books in his long career. Among which ‘Money’, ‘Suicide Note’, or ‘Success’ published in 1978 and ‘London Fields’ published in 1989 and the novel ‘Inside Story’ published in 2020 are particularly noteworthy.

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Amis, who is considered to be one of the most influential writers of his time, has been mourned by many prominent writers and publishers. As Salman Rushdie said in reminiscing about his fellow writer, ‘Amis often said, ‘Before I go, I want to leave a bookshelf full of books.’ To be able to say, look, these are my work. That Amis has truly left us. His voice stopped. He will be greatly missed by loved ones. But we have his bookshelves. We will find him there. ‘

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Amis was born in 1949 in Oxford, Britain. His father Kingsley Amis was also a famous poet and novelist. After graduating from Oxford University, Amis followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the world of writing. His first novel ‘The Rachel Papers’ was published in 1973. Like her father, Amis won the Somerset Mum award for her first novel. Amis moved to America from Britain in 2012.

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Nobel-winning novelist Kazuo Ishiguro also told the press in his memoirs of Amis, ‘Sir Amis was my inspiration personally. Certainly a model among novelists of our generation. He will live among us forever through his innumerable good works alone, despite the many changes in English literature.’ “It’s hard to imagine a world without Martin Amis,” said Michal Shavitt, editor of Vintage Books. He was a learned, learned and fearless writer. In a word, he was a wonderful man.’

In addition to 15 novels, he has written several other novels, six non-fiction and one memoir. He has been widely discussed and criticized many times by commenting on contemporary issues and politics. Famous publishing house Penguin paid tribute to his contribution to British culture.

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