The Japanese have forgotten to smile because of Covid, trying to put a smile on their faces by saying ‘Smile Please’

The people of Japan could not overcome the horror of covid. They have forgotten how to laugh. In such a situation, several organizations in Japan took a new initiative to bring laughter to people. The workshop has been launched. The Japanese are now flocking to those workshops.

Like the rest of the world, Japan was not spared from the epidemic. Many people died. The people of Japan had to stay indoors to avoid the infection. And the Japanese people have forgotten the basic human characteristics as a result of living under house arrest for a long time. The smile was gone. To overcome this unprecedented challenge and deal with the situation, several organizations have organized laughter practice seminars across the country.

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According to a Japanese media report, such laughter seminars have started since 2022. The media claimed that the interest of the general public in Japan towards such seminars has increased a lot from last year to this year. It is also reported that the attendance rate at the seminars has almost quadrupled compared to last year.

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Some of the Japanese think that such seminars are necessary to overcome the covid panic and return to a happy life. They felt that entrepreneurs should pay more attention so that more people can participate in it.

A professor at a Japanese university said that even with laughter workshops, fear cannot be removed from the minds of a class of people. According to him, since the time of Covid, the culture of wearing masks has been introduced among Japanese people. Although the current Covid policy has been relaxed, many people in Japan have not yet been freed from that culture, he claims. However, to bring back the lost smile to the Japanese, the professor supports the organization of laughter workshops.

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Recently, it has been reported that the trend of spelling mistakes among French learners is increasing day by day. To eliminate that trend, a spelling test has been organized in the capital Paris. This spelling test is on June 4. Like spelling tests, the workshops are thought to be novel enough to bring back the smiles Japanese people have lost due to Covid.

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