The initiative of the state government is to save old trees that have nests of birds and other animals

Old trees can no longer be cut at will. Especially if the tree is over a hundred years old, and has bird nests and other animal nests. The state government is taking new initiatives to save such trees. This is known according to the sources of ‘State Biodiversity Board’.

Why are such initiatives being taken to save such trees? Experts believe that trees that are more than a hundred years old are home to a wide variety of common animals. As there are birds in it, there are also bats. But the end is not here. It is accompanied by many insects and germs. All in all, such a tree nurtures an ecosystem in its own body. And so cutting down these trees means causing great damage to the environment. That is why such a novel initiative is being thought of.

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It is known that tree identification will be done for the time being. A few trees of Birbhum have also been identified in the initial phase. Besides that, the area adjacent to Amkhei Wood Fossil Park has also been identified separately. Several years ago, while digging a pond in this area, local people found a stone-shaped tree trunk. Experts later discovered it was a fossilized tree. It is estimated to be about 1 million years old. Since then, the area has attracted the attention of environmentalists. The environmentalists of the state are also very active in the conservation of the environment of this area. That is why arrangements are being made to preserve several trees in this area.

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Apart from trees, conservation of fauna is also being considered by the Biodiversity Board. It is known that fish is first in this list. Efforts are also being made to ensure that the variety of fish species in various reservoirs is not lost. For now this work is starting with Gach. Later it is also heard that this initiative will be taken forward in other areas of the environment.

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