The end of the 6-year tour! The breakup was announced by content creators Nas Daily and Dear Allyn

Breaking news in the world of content creators at an international level. Nas Daily fame Naser Yasin and his girlfriend and content creator Dear Alyne have decided to split. The newly-former digital power couple shared the heartbreaking news with millions of fans by posting a 13-minute long video on Monday night.
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In a long video, Nasser and Alin reminisced about the happy memories of their six-year relationship. Besides, he also discussed the reasons for rusting in the relationship without leaving a shadow. Fans offered their condolences to Nas Daily and Dear Allyn in the comments of the video. Although they claim, even if there is no love relationship, they will remain good friends forever.
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The reason for the breakup?
Millions of views. Travel to one country after another. Nas Daily and Dear Allyn always seemed ‘made for each other’ in front of the camera. In last night’s video, however, Nasser and Aline spoke openly about it all.
The second alleges that Nasser has nothing in his life but work and Nas Daily. ‘I was tired of waiting for him,’ continued Allyn. Didn’t give me any time at all. I gasped.’

Nasser accepted his girlfriend’s complaint without arguing. His argument, ‘You have seen, at one time I did not even see my good and bad.’ At one point in the discussion, he admits his own incapacity, saying, ‘It is not possible for me to meet the level of priority that Allyn expects.’

…I can’t

Nas Daily

In response, however, Aline chose to attack a special friend. In his words, ‘You are not disabled at all. Instead, you decided to refrain from investing time in this matter.’ This time, however, Nas Daily’s confession without holding back, ‘You got it right.’
Usually there is a trend of posting pictures and videos to announce the relationship. Influencers took responsibility with a statement announcing the breakup. But Nasser and Alin did not walk that way. Rather, in that video, Sudin’s picture has been shown through montage. Apart from this, quarrels over minor issues have also found a place. Also did a separate shoot for the break-up announcement.
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Finally, they said, I first told the fans about the beginning of our relationship. So it is their responsibility to convey the news of separation to them. They also warned others not to make the same mistake by watching this video.

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