The dress code for school teachers has been introduced in the state

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Not only teaching. Must come to school in appropriate attire. Assam government has issued such a decree for teachers. The notification issued by the school education department said that teachers should come to school in elegant clothes. Men and women are not allowed to wear jeans or leggings. Men cannot wear T-shirts, jeans.

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The notice issued by the government said that it is observed that several teachers are coming to school wearing their own clothes. Those clothes are in people’s eyes. In the case of teachers, it is assumed that their behavior and dress will always be modest. So the government has taken steps to make rules about their clothes. Along with professional integrity, decency is also very important. In this case women should wear elegant, clean, not bright colored clothes. Casual and party dresses are not allowed to come to school. Male teachers will come in shirt-pants. Never jeans or t-shirts. Women can come in salwar kameez, saree, mekhla chadar. But jeans, t-shirt, leggings are not at all.

The school education department has reminded that strict action will be taken if the dress code of the government is violated. Regarding the guidelines, state education minister Dr. Ranoj Pegu said that the state government is enforcing several rules for running schools. Launching the rule book. It also includes dress code. The teachers are asked to come in modest dress. No casual attire is allowed.

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