The customer gave a note of 2000 rupees for petrol, see what the pump worker did…

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: There is no fear like demonetisation. The government is withdrawing 2000 rupee notes from the market. The government has given time till September. But in that, panic has been created among some people. Some don’t want to take 2000 notes again. But a strange incident happened with 2000 notes in Uttar Pradesh.

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A video of a petrol pump in Jalgaon district of Yogi state has gone viral on social media. There a scooty rider took petrol and gave a note of 2000 rupees. After that, the pump worker did a strange thing. He informed that the note will not work. Meanwhile the buyer also does not want to pay any other small notes. Finally, the pump worker took out the oil through the pipe. There was a huge uproar.

The manager of the pump supported the action of the pump worker. According to Rajiv Girhotra, the manager, after the Reserve Bank announced the withdrawal of 2000 notes, these notes are now coming to petrol pumps. As a result, hundreds of Tk 2000 notes are accumulating in the cash box. As a result the pressure is increasing on the pumps. Some buy oil of 50 rupees and give 2000 rupee notes. At one time, 2-4 notes of 2000 were coming every day. Now it has increased to an average of 70 per day. There is no objection to take a note of 2000 rupees if you buy more oil.

Note that last week, Reserve Bank announced to withdraw 2000 rupee notes from the market. However, no announcement was made that the note was defunct. But in reality people are behaving like that. The deadline for returning the Rs 2,000 notes has been fixed to September 30, the Reserve Bank governor said on Monday. So one should not think that the process of currency exchange will go on forever.

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