‘The country is full of evil people…’, Imran warned to take a look at the Pak Army again

Ex-Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan roared again targeting the government. He compared those who are occupying the country with miscreants. The head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) appealed to the general public to join the protest against the miscreants in so many tweets.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan wrote in a tweet that the country is currently facing a deep financial crisis. Starting with militant attacks, one day is plagued with problems. But he claimed that the current ruling party has no problem with this. He alleged that there is a competition to be a big man in the government. Imran thinks that if this situation continues, the country will face deeper problems in the coming days. Hence, the PTI chief appealed to the masses to join the protest against the government without delay.

Imran Khan: Imran-supporters threatened by Pakistan army chief
The former Prime Minister of Pakistan did not stop here. If this kind of situation continues, Pakistan may be divided in the coming days, he said. He said in a video message that a situation like East Pakistan could be created. After knowing all this, he expressed concern about why the present government of Pakistan is not being active in solving the problem.

Imran accused the Shahbaz Sharif government of misusing the army. He claimed that the army was being mobilized against his party. He also demanded an impartial investigation into the incident of Pakistan Army firing at the protestors during the protest. Incidentally, 25 protestors have died so far in the firing incident. Hundreds were injured.

Imran Khan: ‘This may be the last tweet …’, Imran’s house was surrounded by Pak police!
It should be noted that Imran Khan was arrested on May 9 in the land corruption case. Imran Sarthaka joined protests across the country to protest the leader’s arrest. The protesters targeted the Pakistan army headquarters. In addition to attacks, arson took place in many places. There is also free looting. At the same time, Imran’s party clashed with the army at several places. However, the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf Party chief has denied allegations of violence against his supporters.

Imran Khan: Military support behind violence in Pakistan, Imran’s explosive allegation
Currently, multiple courts in Pakistan have granted bail to Imran in corruption cases. Pakistan’s anti-corruption department summoned Imran again on Thursday. The former prime minister has said that he will not be present at the inquiry of that investigation. Then he targeted the government in a tweet.

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