The car sank up to the neck in the underpass filled with water, the young engineer died without being able to get out

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Mromantic There was water in the underpass. A young engineer’s car got stuck in that water. The young woman drowned without being able to get out of that car. Bangalore incident. The others in the car somehow escaped.

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The fire brigade and rescue team came and rescued the car driver and 5 other people who were with the girl. The occupants of the vehicle were taken to the local St. Martha’s Hospital. There the young woman named Bhanurekha (22) was declared dead. After the incident, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced to pay 5 lakhs to the family of the deceased. He announced free treatment for those injured.

The Chief Minister said that the young woman and her family were visiting Bangalore by hiring a car from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Bhanurokha is an employee of Infosys. Due to rain, the underpass got waterlogged. The driver of the car took a risk to cross it. But it got stuck in the water. That young woman drowned.

It is alleged that Bhanurekha was alive even after being taken to the hospital. But the doctors hesitated to treat him. That is why he died. Siddaramaiah said that an investigation will be done. Onlookers claimed that the driver tried to cross the underpass by speeding through the water-filled underpass. But it sinks midway. Hearing the screams of the passengers, many came forward to help, but not all could come out.

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