Terrible accident! 15 people died after breaking the railing of the bridge and entering the river

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Terrible bus accident. The bus broke the railing of the bridge and fell into the river. 15 people died on the spot. More than 25 people were injured. This very tragic accident happened in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh to each family of those killed in the accident. The government of Madhya Pradesh has announced financial assistance of 50,000 rupees for seriously injured and 25,000 rupees for minor injuries. Madhya Pradesh government is also providing proper treatment to the injured. Immediately after the accident, the locals jumped into rescue work. Police and rescue teams reached the spot after receiving information.

The death toll is expected to rise further as passenger-laden buses plunge into the sector. Initially, the bus was going to Indore from Khargone. That’s when the accident happened. The bus broke the railing of the bridge over the Borad river and fell into the river. The bus fell from a height of about 50 feet. Due to which 15 people lost their lives on the spot. The local police superintendent confirmed the death of 15 people. However, it is also known that several bodies have been washed away in the river. In the accident, the finger of complaint has been raised, also towards overloading of passengers.

The bus belonged to Ma Sarada Travels. Allegedly, more passengers than the carrying capacity of the bus were picked up. Allegedly, this is the reason why the bus lost control. However, the cause of the accident is still unclear. Meanwhile, the injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital. The injured are being treated there.

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